Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ways to Create Layers in Photoshop

    How to Operate Layers in Photoshop

    The layers palette displays all the layers; as well as, a thumbnail of the image. You can hide, view, reposition, delete, rename, and merge layers in the layers palette. At the top of the Photoshop interface you will see the menu click window, and click layers to open the layers palette. New files are generally created with a background layer, which contains a color or image that shows through the transparent areas of other layers. When you create a new image with a background the bottom layer in the layers palette is named background. So the first step in working with layers is to create a background layer to which all other images will be stacked to make the entire composition. I have included the steps to add your background below:

    1. Choose start > All Programs > Adobe Photoshop (Windows)

    2. If prompted click yes to delete the Adobe Photoshop settings file (to restore default settings if needed)

    3. On the menu bar click file > new

    A dialog box will open the first input box will contain the name of your document, the preset input box will open different types of canvases. For this purpose use the drop-down menu on the input box to choose Default Photoshop Size. Leave the other settings as is. Then a new white document will appear in the Photoshop window. You may then add the color of your choice to the image. For this purpose I will use the Paint bucket on the toolbar to the left.

    · Choose the background colors picker at the bottom of the toolbar to find a color for your background it is the one with the double arrow just click on the top square not the double arrow, and a color picker will open.

    · Choose a color then go to the toolbar and pick the paint bucket, Click on your document and the paint bucket will color it.

    In the layers panel you will see it is titled "background." Now you will add your other layers by picking images or text to add to the background.

    To find an image go to file and open an image that is stored on your hard drive or in Adobe Bridge to add to the background. Text and shapes can be added as a layer as well by selecting them on the toolbar then click inside the document where you want them to appear. You can add as many of them that please your eye, you are the artist. If you do not like an image you have added you can click and drag it to the little trash can icon at the bottom of the layers Palette, and drop it in that will delete it from your composition. You can either choose save or not save when you have gone as far as you are willing. Just remember if you are pleased with your results click save often.

    Hint; you can open two views in Photoshop click the little window icon on the menu bar- right-top then just click and drag your image to the background you just created. Remember when working with layers that the image has to be highlighted in the layers palette so you can work with it.


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