Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get the Best Printing Results

    Even with efficient modern computer printers simple problems can greatly affect printing quality. Often these problems can be easily addressed and just require a few basic steps in both using and looking after a printer.

    When early computer printers emerged the cost of ink cartridges were a major issue regarding cost. With the advent of ink refill cartridges, there now became a choice between saving money and the possible loss of printing quality. There are now better quality ink refill cartridges produced, which are available at most good office supplies shops. This means that consumers can both save money and print to a quality that matches that of a new ink cartridge.

    Checking for problems with printed copy is easy enough and always checks each printed item carefully. Look for streaks in the printed copy. A sign that a cartridge is running out of ink will be streaking. Streaking may also be produced after a long printing run with some brand of printers, when the cartridge print head will just need cleaning. Streaks will be easier to spot on a large graphic or photo than text.

    When printing images, use file formats such as PNG and TIF. JPEGs and GIFs are the common images of choice for the internet, because of how they compress an image and speed up the loading time of a web page. JPEGs and GIFs will not look so good when printed on paper - compared to PNG and TIF files of the same image. Getting the right resolution for a printed image is an important consideration. The resolution, to produce a good printed copy, should be a minimum of 300 dots per inch.

    The highest quality settings on your printer are an important factor in producing good quality printing, but so is the quality of paper that you use. Printers will print adequately on most types of paper, but the type of paper that is most suitable for your printer will produce the best results. If unsure, a box of general purpose A4 paper is advisable to buy from your local office supplies shop. This type of paper is suitable for inkjet and laser printers and copiers.

    When launching a long print run, still keep an eye on the quality of the printed copies. Also always have a new ink cartridge or ink refill cartridge close at hand, just in case the cartridge runs out of ink. Don't leave the printer unattended for a long time, if possible.

    A printer needs to be in regular use to keep it running to optimum quality. There is a risk of ink cartridges drying up when a printer is rarely used. This can be exasperating, when you switch on the printer to print off some important documents, knowing that your ink cartridge should have enough ink to complete a good printing job.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ways To Data Loss Prevention

    Unexpected computer crashes that lead to a total loss of important business and personal data are making data prevention software essential for anyone who uses a computer. Almost anyone uses a computer to store files, from photos and music to secure documents. Professionals especially those who make their living online tend to have a majority of their business data stored on computers. This is the reason why you need to use software that will secure your files for you before a computer crash wipes your drive clean.

    Top Features Available in the Best Data Loss Prevention Software

    Top features to look for in good data loss prevention software include fast backup, minimal maintenance, efficient use of data space, easy accessibility, and high scalability. You also need data backup software to perform secure backups, which only accepts backup requests from clients.

    Most users prefer software that perform fast and non-intrusive backups. Installation should also be easy. Most top-rated software can be installed in less than 20 minutes and the software automatically deploys clients to linked devices such as your phone or tablet. The top-rated software also performs automatic software updates but you can schedule when your computer checks for updates and how to install them.

    Top-rated DLP software are also app-aware. This means that they utilize the minimum amount of disk space through an efficient system of duplicate reduction. Backups are made faster this way since you utilize less bandwidth. Quality DLP software also tweak how bandwidth is utilized in order to further increase the backup speed by choosing the optimal packet size coupled with the use of up to 8 threads in one network to make the best use of the bandwidth available. Administrators can further tweak this feature with the use of smart percentage bandwidth caps.

    Quality data loss prevention software also allows users to restore their data using various devices anytime whether they are using browser-based restore options in their laptops and other mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad.

    Excellent data loss prevention software can be the fine line that divides a successful business from one that you have to rebuild from scratch. If you do business online or if you store important data on your laptop, you need the security that only high quality data security software can give you. Start with the features mentioned above to find data loss prevention software that can give your files the protection they need.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Online Backup Can Help Your Small Business

    If you are a small business owner you know the importance of keeping your information safe today in the computer age. Data loss could be detrimental to your business severely setting it back or worse, it could ruin your business. It is difficult to regularly backup your computer as often as needed as there are other things on the mind, like meeting payroll, sending invoices, receiving orders and all the other responsibilities that come with being a small business owner. That is why online backup is a service that your business should have. Backing up online offers an incredible service for an affordable price that can help your business in more than just the obvious way.

    Why online backup? There are many advantages of backing up your information online, the first being having your information stored off site should anything happen to the place of your business. While hopefully this never happens, it is possible that water damage, fire damage or even theft or accidental damage could happen to your computer and even the storage drive you keep on hand. Having all your backup device in the same area as your computer is like keeping all of your money under the mattress, should something happen you will lose everything.

    Backing up online also offers several additional and advantageous features like scheduled backups, versioning, remote access, computer syncing and much more. Scheduled backups and versioning are features that can give you some peace of mind because you do not have to worry about backing up your computer as it is done for you and the backup service backs up different versions should you need to restore to a certain point or date. Remote access and syncing are probably the biggest advantages of cloud backup. They allow you to not only access your computer remotely, meaning on any computer with a internet connection but also the ability to sync work files from one computer to another. If you are out on the field or traveling, syncing a file to an employee, another worker or even just your work station at home is an incredibly helpful feature that can be utilized in so many ways.

    While backing up online does have some disadvantages like needing an internet connection, it overall is an incredibly sound technology. Many of the best cloud backup services available use state-of-the-art technology when it comes to securing your information. The level of security is on par with that of online banks. Also all of the backup service providers secure your information from even themselves. They can see you have data but they cannot access that data. Some companies go even further and offer personal encryption keys. And almost every company backs up your information with Geo Redundancy, basically in several areas should anything happen to their facilities.

    Online backup offers great features for your business as well as performs necessary and vital functions. These days when money is tight getting your dollar to stretch is important and using services like cloud backup helps with that cause. As with anything research is key when making a decision and it is recommended to check out some online backup reviews and check which online backup services match your needs.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Services Do They Provide? (Failure Analysis Labs)

    When a complex electronic component malfunctions, it's important to understand what exactly has gone wrong and more importantly, why. The entire branch of quality control revolves around reducing error rates in manufacturing. Faulty chips not only lose money directly, but can also lead to unforeseen lawsuits. In order to get a clear idea of the problem, misbehaving components are sent for inspection to failure analysis labs.

    A failure analysis laboratory is a place which is dedicated to finding out why certain chips are defective. Over the years, the field of forensic engineering has evolved to a point where there is a systematic way of drilling down to the root of the problem.

    Electronic Failure Analysis Lab

    Though there are many failure analysis techniques for finding out why a particular chip is defective, an analysis doesn't start with them. Instead, the first step is to find out more about the defect by analyzing error reports, error rates, histories of failure and circumstances surrounding the error. This way, a lab can extract important information about the error which can pinpoint the source and what kind of problem has occurred.

    Therefore even before labs put the chip under a microscope, it has a general idea of what it is looking for. This makes it easy to choose the correct analysis technique since each type of analysis reveals a different fault. Stress faults for example can't be detected using microthermography techniques. The idea is to save as much time, effort and money as possible and increase the efficiency of the detection technique at the same time.

    A good lab has technicians that really understand how the chips work. This expertise is necessary for many failure analysis techniques such as the Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) developed by Bell in 1962. Only when we've looked at all the available information, do we start applying the scientific analysis techniques which failure analysis labs are typically famous for.

    Such labs also use their expertise with previous situations to make recommendations about why that particular error was caused and what can be done to prevent it. Sometimes it all boils down to human error in some stage of manufacturing and in this way, the process looks a lot like detective work. Quality control in chip manufacturing is meaningless without good failure analysis labs to back them up.


    The failure analysis labs perform the key function of determining why a certain component of an electronic equipment has malfunctioned. Even before the component, say a chip, is placed under a microscope, error reports, error rates, histories of failure and circumstances surrounding the error are examined. Only when that information has been considered then scientific analysis techniques are applied to the chip. The ultimate purpose is to find out why the particular error occurred and recommend what to do to prevent it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tips to Remove the Security Shield Virus Manually

    Are you annoyed with Security Shield?

    "I am having a lot of trouble with Security Shield. It is installed itself on my computer and cannot get it off. I have been trying all day and my internet is now barely working at all. Pop ups all the time saying it is infected. I have downloaded different files to get rid, but security shield does not let them work."

    "I am a senior, invalid and just lie in bed with my laptop. I get this demonic red shield with an x on it and it keeps popping up stopping everything I do and I cannot delete it. It is making my blood pressure to up and I have not slept at all tonight trying to delete the damn thing. " Many people have encountered such problems.

    What is Security Shield?

    Security Shield is a tough and nasty fake anti-spyware program from the same family as System Tool, Security Tool, and Antivirus Scan. All of these programs have been incredibly successful over the last few months, and it looks like it could be even bigger than its predecessors. Plus, it's just plain obnoxious. If you have this thing on your hard drive right now, you have my sympathy.

    Security Shield spreads through a variety of shady tactics such as misleading downloads, social-networking links, and fake codec updates. Once it gets on your computer, it immediately cripples everything and pretty much takes over. It then sends a lot of Security warning pop-ups to hassle you into paying for their fake "full protection."

    As you should have already understood, Security Shield and its alerts are fabricated and must not be trusted. Please, do not follow the tips prompted by this scam because you will make your computer infected even more.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

M245 IBM Examination (Preparing For The 000)

    IBM is one of the biggest names in the IT industry. IBM is mainly known for its high quality service and superior quality products. IBM also provides a number of certifications for the IT minded people. Among these certification examinations, 000-M245 IBM is one of the free examinations. This is considered to be as one of the most professional and highly demanding certification examinations. The main aim of this examination is to analyze the knowledge and skills of a student pertaining to various IT core solutions. It is a composite exam and you will not be able to clear the exam without proper preparation and test material.

    Being a little technical and tough, 000-M245 IBM certification exam is a bit difficult to clear. Mainly the complexities of this exam include various types of networks, connecting to 000-M245 IBM labs, Wan, network security, IBM pass 000-M245 switching and routing and many others. Therefore, in order to clear the exam with flying colors, you need to cover all these topics while preparing. You need to carefully go through and understand these topics in order to get a good score in the 000-M245 IBM certification exam.

    Qualifying for the 000-M245 IBM certification examination means that, you have accomplished something big in your information technology career which can help you reach new pinnacles of success. There are some other related IBM exams also like 000-Z04, 000-555, 000-446, etc. but, clearing the 000-M425 exam is a huge compliment for any IT professional. Here are some golden guidelines for the students preparing for the 000-M245 IBM certification exam. You can go through these points carefully in order to enhance your future career prospects in the IT sector.

    • First of all, in order to learn about the topics associated with this exam, you need to study the latest 000-M245 IBM dumps designed by various IT experts. These dumps include each and every thing pertaining to the 000-M245 IBM exam like the questions which can be appear in the examination. These dumps include the entire past question papers, recurring questions and the questions which may appear in the future exams.

    • You should also take the help from self evaluation test papers in order to test your preparation. You will also be able to learn new things by answering to the questions of these test papers.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ways to Become a CCIE With Little or No Experience in Cisco

    So you want to become one of the elite CCIEs (Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer). This certification is highly reputed worldwide and there are only approximately 100,000 CCIEs in the world. I have known people with just a CCIE in California, USA start at an annual salary of $80,000 a year with no experience. CCIEs with up to ten years of experience earn approximately $200,000 or more a year. The certification is considered a professional degree in networks and it is a ticket to a bright future in high-paying career. The good news is, you do not need a college degree to become a CCIE, and the rewards are like having a Computer Science degree from one of the elite schools in the USA.

    Getting started can be overwhelming, but going over the CCIE blueprint that Cisco offers online will answer all of your questions. The blueprint provides a list of topics to study and gives you suggested books to read. You will get a complete list of Cisco materials to study and a list of Cisco equipment they use to study for the lab.

    Let's get started on becoming a CCIE with little or no experience. The very first step is to get your Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA certification test number 640-802. This is the first prerequisite before you can take the CCIE lab test. I recommend reading the Cisco Certified Network Associate study guide by Todd Lammle and purchase the CCIE Lab workbooks from I have used these books in the past with much success. You will also need to purchase a CCNA simulator to practice for the test and some CCNA and CCIE written brain dumps; you can find these by searching online. CCIE written test number 350-001 is the final step before taking the lab and there are lots of brain dumps on line to help you pass this test in a very short time.

    Since you are on the great adventure of obtaining the elite CCIE, you should say goodbye to your social life and complete the CCNA test within a week and the CCIE written test the second week. This is what Cisco training partners teach in the one week training class and this is what I did to pass the test.

    After the first step, you should have a good grasp on understanding Cisco equipment and all those special IT protocols you have to know to be able to pass the CCIE test. The next step is to focus on the CCIE lab test by reading the CCIE blueprint that is located on the Cisco web site. By now you know the lab test is eight hours long and all hands on. The only way you are going to pass this lab with little or no experience is to build your own home lab. If you are on a tight budget, then my recommendation is a minimum of 5 routers and 1 switch. The cheapest you can go is the Cisco 2610 series hardware running native IOS firewall. I have seen Cisco 2610 on eBay priced less than $200. You can save a lot of money by not buying routers with Fast Ethernet connections or interfaces, just stay with the 2610 series.

    OK, all of your equipment is in place, and all you have to do is start practicing for the lab. I recommend the lab workbooks from Ipexpert. I have found these workbooks easy to understand and everything they teach pretty much follows what is going to be on the actual CCIE lab test. Obviously, when you practice with your workbooks, you must understand why you are configuring the equipment this way. I have found it helpful to join a couple of CCIE communities. There are a lot of CCIE candidates out there and you can learn to study together. I have found most of my questions and answers from these communities. Once you complete all workbooks from Ipexpert, you pretty much just have to work on your speed when you are configuring your routers. Get use to the lab flow and try to increase your speed, practice this until you can complete all workbooks in less than four hours. Once you accomplish this then you are ready for the lab. Good luck, be patient, and you will be one of the elite CCIEs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tips to Learn Microsoft Excel

    I cannot possibly tell you in the scope of this article many things a person can do with Microsoft Excel. It is used in homes, schools Kindergarten through college, and a variety of small businesses by thousands of people. Knowledge of office applications is a need in almost every place a prospective employer is hiring for. The salary a person receives depends on their level of ability. So the question is what do you want to learn about Microsoft Excel? There are some very practical ways to approach your goal of learning Microsoft Excel.

    The first step is to figure out just how much you need to know based on what your needs are. The knowledge is out there to help you with a home project, job promotion or how to go all the way to Microsoft Excel Certification.

    There is a surplus of ideas that come to mind for learning Microsoft Excel. The first place to start would be at your favorite book store. When you are shopping for your book it is wise to look at the contents first. If you are reading this article you are most likely a beginner; a good starting point would be to explore the excel window, learn a few keywords, and how to navigate a worksheet. Two things to consider are: if topics are within your level of expertise, and are structured for the beginner.

    Most community colleges offer classes in office applications that are either credit or non-credit classes. Most local library's have free computer classes. If you are the type of learner who needs someone to coach you along the way these are good choices for you.

    If you are the more adventurous type and self-motivated Microsoft's web site offers help and how to video courses that take you through step by step tutorials you can also link to information about Microsoft Certification. The web site's navigation is very easy so finding the video courses is a relatively easy try.

    There are easy to read icons at the top of the page and you can just click on the office application of your choice to gain access to the free instructions. Be aware though that the video courses only cover Microsoft Office 2010. If you have an older version of Microsoft Office on your computer you may find some instructions by reading the links to find older versions or use the search bar to type in your version of Microsoft Office. For written instruction check the library, thrift stores, eBay, yard sales, and bookstores that carry older books. Just have fun with it and remember nothing you do on your computer is Permanent so if you mess up just start over.

    So decide what your level of expertise is and what you want it to be. Figuring out where to start is the most difficult step in any project. You won't be so overwhelmed by all the information out there if you already know what you are looking for. Then have some fun with an inventory, such as a collection or if you are working out a family budget then use the formatting to make it have a visually pleasing look.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tips to Draw Graphs in Microsoft Excel

    Drawing a graph in Excel is a fairly easy thing to do these days. First let me clarify that charts and graphs in Excel are the same thing. There is no actual drawing to do it is a matter of a few simple clicks, that is what makes Microsoft Office so uncomplicated to use. I am including a little exercise for you to follow to create a line graph just to see how it works. You can create a make-believe Spreadsheet and enter fake data for this exercise or use an existing file if you have one.

    Follow these simple steps.

    • Enter your data without leaving blank rows or columns between data. When setting up your spreadsheet describe the data in one column and enter the data to the right of that. If there is more than one data Place a title for each data sequence then add its unique information in columns. Then the Graph Data will need to be selected.

    • Using your mouse drag and highlight the cells with the information in them you wish to graph.

    1. On the ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2007 Click insert

    2. Click Chart category and click the graph type of your choice to select it

    Choosing the right kind of chart for your data:

    Generally speaking pie charts are only used when the categories' are small in number so the relative size of the different slices can be easily determined. For several categories' use a column chart. For data that must follow a sequential order use a line chart. Remember that a line chart will alter data that occurs at irregular time intervals. When you want to plot two numeric values against one another use X-Y Scatter Charts; furthermore, they are also good for recording data with irregular time intervals. When you can't seem to find a chart that fits your needs; you can create a custom chart based on the built-in chart types. You can also create a combination chart by combining two or more types in a single graph.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ways to Create Layers in Photoshop

    How to Operate Layers in Photoshop

    The layers palette displays all the layers; as well as, a thumbnail of the image. You can hide, view, reposition, delete, rename, and merge layers in the layers palette. At the top of the Photoshop interface you will see the menu click window, and click layers to open the layers palette. New files are generally created with a background layer, which contains a color or image that shows through the transparent areas of other layers. When you create a new image with a background the bottom layer in the layers palette is named background. So the first step in working with layers is to create a background layer to which all other images will be stacked to make the entire composition. I have included the steps to add your background below:

    1. Choose start > All Programs > Adobe Photoshop (Windows)

    2. If prompted click yes to delete the Adobe Photoshop settings file (to restore default settings if needed)

    3. On the menu bar click file > new

    A dialog box will open the first input box will contain the name of your document, the preset input box will open different types of canvases. For this purpose use the drop-down menu on the input box to choose Default Photoshop Size. Leave the other settings as is. Then a new white document will appear in the Photoshop window. You may then add the color of your choice to the image. For this purpose I will use the Paint bucket on the toolbar to the left.

    · Choose the background colors picker at the bottom of the toolbar to find a color for your background it is the one with the double arrow just click on the top square not the double arrow, and a color picker will open.

    · Choose a color then go to the toolbar and pick the paint bucket, Click on your document and the paint bucket will color it.

    In the layers panel you will see it is titled "background." Now you will add your other layers by picking images or text to add to the background.

    To find an image go to file and open an image that is stored on your hard drive or in Adobe Bridge to add to the background. Text and shapes can be added as a layer as well by selecting them on the toolbar then click inside the document where you want them to appear. You can add as many of them that please your eye, you are the artist. If you do not like an image you have added you can click and drag it to the little trash can icon at the bottom of the layers Palette, and drop it in that will delete it from your composition. You can either choose save or not save when you have gone as far as you are willing. Just remember if you are pleased with your results click save often.

    Hint; you can open two views in Photoshop click the little window icon on the menu bar- right-top then just click and drag your image to the background you just created. Remember when working with layers that the image has to be highlighted in the layers palette so you can work with it.

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